I have a motto

Today, I as reviewing the vision document and realized I didn’t have a motto. I’m fairly certain that I didn’t have one because I’ve found coming up with them to be quite a challenge. I honestly sympathize with my students when we’ve done the motto exercise in class.

But, today, I was feeling inspired and took advantage of the inspiration to come up with:

Empathy. Data. Enthusiasm. Success.

That seems like the right order and I like them because they seem representative of what I think are important aspects of life and work. To me they seem both inspirational and aspirational. Reflecting on them helps inspire focus and a certain amount of balance. That same reflection also reminds me of how much I have to learn about each–which suits my desire to constantly learn, grow, and improve.

I suppose the next step is the schwag (t-shirts, key chains, bumper stickers, and what not), but I’m still growing into them, so that might have to wait just a bit.


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