Agile technical writing references

These are the articles and blog posts I cited in Agile documentation in the blogosphere. I’ll try to add more as I come across them.

Article Publish date Overview Tips 1st person References Date added to list
Agile Technical Writing Basics 07/01/2004 (est.) yes yes no no 02/16/2016
Agile Technical Documentation 07/01/2005 (est.) yes yes no yes 02/16/2016
Writing End-User Documentation in an Agile Development Environment 07/02/2007 yes yes no no 02/16/2016
The agile technical writer 01/20/2008 no yes yes no 02/16/2016
Technical Writing In Agile Software Development 08/25/2009 no yes yes no 02/16/2016
A Writer’s Guide to Surviving Agile Software Development 09/07/2011 no yes yes no 02/16/2016
Best Practices for Agile/Lean Documentation 04/19/2013 no yes no no 02/16/2016
Agile and Tech Comm: Writer Challenges in Agile and Traditional Development Teams 09/30/2013 no yes yes yes 02/16/2016
Agile 101 for Technical Writers 05/15/2014 yes no no yes 02/16/2016


  • Overview – contains an overview of Agile methodology in general
  • Tips – contains practical tips for technical writers in an Agile shop
  • 1st person – written in a first-person voice
  • References – contains a separate list of references