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I’m a Senior Programmer Writer, which is a Technical Writer who writes about various aspects of programming for software developers–and has been doing it for a while. I’m currently writing technical docs about AWS IoT Core service which is the service that Internet of Things (IoT) devices use to connect to Amazon Web Service (AWS) and the other cloud services they offer.

Before moving to AWS, I was an Assistant Professor of Technical Communication in the Engineering School at Mercer University. My research interests focused on applying human-centered design principles to benefit the patients and staff of small clinics in lower-middle-income countries and how the same principles can be used to measure and improve technical communication methods and practices. In 2015, I was awarded a PhD in Human Centered Design & Engineering (HCDE) from the University of Washington, Seattle with a concentration in Global Technology and Communication Management. My dissertation, The Effect of Visual Design and Information Content on Readers’ Assessments of API Reference Topics, studied the effect of variations in design and information content on the performance and perception of API reference topics.

My professional career started in the software industry where I’ve worked as a software engineer and development-team manager. After developing a variety of software products on different platforms and for different companies, I moved into technical writing for new challenges. Technical writing continues to offer the perfect opportunity to apply my passion for technology and communication.

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