API documentation articles – non academic

Articles on API documentation, sorted by publication date.

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Title & Link Author Date
What do you consider good API documentation? Various 4/8/2010
Web API Documentation Best Practices Peter Gruenbaum 11/12/2010
Designing Great API Docs James Yu 1/11/2012
REST API Documentation Best Practices Irene Ros 8/22/2012
How to Write “Good” API Documentation Natalie Kerby 4/2/2015
API Tips — How to Write API Documentation  Ajitesh Kumar 5/17/2015
Best Practices in API Documentation Keshav Vasudevan 5/17/2015
The Best API Documentation Brad Fults 11/13/2015
Best practices and UX tips for API documentation Katalin Nagygyörgy 11/13/2015
Tips and Considerations for Documenting REST API Documentation Dana Fujikawa 5/3/2016
Best Practices for Writing API Docs and Keeping Them Up To Date (Not specified) 9/19/2016
Five Questions Every Technical Writer Faces with API Documentation Ed Marshall 10/6/2016
API Best Practices: Documentation Kin Lane 11/1/2016
Best Practices in API Documentation Keshav Vasudevan 6/20/2017
The Importance of API Documentation (Not specified) 9/7/2017
The Ten Essentials for Good API Documentation Diana Lakatos 9/19/2017
Documenting APIs: A guide for technical writers Tom Johnson No date
A-Z of API Documentation (Not specified) No date